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Are you desperate for cash and your credit rating status seems to be your undoing? Have you tried every lender possible to get a cash advance but to no avail? Do you decry the sorry status of your credit score as the sole reason for your woes? Are you desperate and feel as if the lenders have conspired to lock you into a mechanical mode of reaction impossible to resist? If you identify with all the aforementioned, we are happy to tell you that you landed at the right place. Here at ELF Loans, we deliver what we promise and our sole objective as a top tier UK logbook loan provider for a little over a decade is to assist our customers to get affordable logbook loan deals.

We understand how difficult the going can be at times and how bureaucratic the system is when it comes to individuals with bad credit. We share in your pain and for this reason, we endeavour to be your listening partner. Since inception, we have actively been involved in customer awareness in so far as logbook loan products are concerned. We understand that during times of distress, individuals tend to make irrational decisions which if unchecked could lead to serious financial constraints in the future. Don’t get us wrong. While we are committed to meeting your financial needs in times of distress, ours is not just a business transaction.

Our well-trained customer personnel take it upon themselves to educate and guide you on matters logbook loans before you make the final decision. We are not only after attracting new clients but also ensure that we engage in best business practices so as to retain them. We understand that your car is one of your most important investments and as such, we do not want you to make a decision that will put it at risk. Our firm ascribes to total quality management principles with a special focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

In other words, we strive to accord our customers top notch services while at the same time ensuring that our logbook loan deals are unbeatable. With so many unscrupulous UK logbook loan lenders preying on customer ignorance and desperation, we owe it to ourselves to educate and guide our customers on matters of logbook loans. For instance, when you approach us for a logbook loan, we take it as our duty to inform you about everything regarding logbook loans without living out a single detail.

We bring to your attention the different types of auto we accept as security. Mind you, most people are under the illusion that it’s only a personal car that can be used in this regard. This is far from the truth as you can also use your beloved motorcycle, a van, a commercial lorry or even a caravan. At ELF Loans, we are also keen on debunking myths associated with logbook loans. For this reason, we take the aspect of customer awareness seriously. The other thing that has given us a competitive edge is the speed with which we process all logbook loan applications.

We understand that you are short on cash and need it as soon as possible. For this reason, we will fast track your application the best way we know how. Prudent financial decisions go a long way in ensuring that you do not dig yourself into a hole of debt. I mean, it is easy for you to apply for more than you actually need because, after all, your cars value is probably fairly high. We discourage against this and that is why we work closely with Money Advice with the sole aim of ensuring that you make sensible financial decisions.

Wondering if you qualify? Well, the requirements are pretty basic and straightforward. If you are a UK citizen of sound mind, earning a regular income and a person of age owning a car, you are more than welcome to apply for our logbook loans. However, the car you set up as collateral must have comprehensive insurance, undergo regular servicing and repair (a MOT certificate is a requirement) and must have been on the road for a decade or less. Still clamouring for comprehensive information regarding logbook loans? Visit and get everything you will ever want to know regarding this type of loan product.